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Topstock EquiMeal is specifically formulated to provide a complete diet including supplementing nutrients which are typically low or absent in the average Western Australian horse’s diet. It is a concentrated feed designed to be mixed with oaten, wheaten or lucerne chaff in a daily or twice daily hard feed, with the horse also having access to hay and/or pasture.

Topstock EquiMeal was designed to make the feeding of lots of different horses simpler. By changing the amount fed, it can accommodate mares, stallions, horses in work and growing horses. It also contains all the mineral and vitamin supplements required to support these horses, so there is no need to add extra supplements, which are quite often expensive or that picky horses won’t eat anyway. This reduces waste and costs for the horse owner.

As a loose meal, it mixes easily with chaff, and can be fed wet or dry, however we recommend it is dampened down for best results.

The protein and nutrients are more concentrated by weight, so cost per head per day is lower in comparison to other products on the market as you feed less than a similar quality pelletised product.

Importantly, this feed does not swell, so it does not require labour and time intensive pre-soaking, and also means it is at low risk of causing choke.

  • Soya bean meal based with no grains, no extra starch or sugars – great cool feed.
  • Promotes shiny healthy coat.
  • Excellent protein for gaining muscle and topline.
  • Suitable for use in all ages and all levels of work.
  • NO MOLASSES. No extra sugar means cool feed that doesn’t create hot horses
  • Fortified with macro and micro minerals in a balanced formulation– no extra supplements needed
  • Contains electrolytes that are needed to replace losses through sweat and encourage water intake.
  • Added essential amino acids for growth and development.
  • Contains biotin for hoof development without over-supplementing.
  • Fortified with B vitamins for energy, Vitamin A for eyes, and Vitamin E as an antioxidant.
  • Contains added selenium, an essential mineral often deficient in WA pastures and hays.

Feed out between 0.8 kg – 2.8 kg depending on age, work load and reproductive status.

Feed 0.8-1.2kgs to horses in light work or as a maintenance.

Feed 2kgs to horses in moderate work.

Feed 2.8kgs to horses in heavy work or poor condition.

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