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Goat Canvas

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Did you know that goats can be taught to recognise and respond to their name? It is a reason why children love to have them as pets. This super cute canvas goat painting are perfect for a girl's room, it is simply an artistic beauty! This goat themed canvas painting showcases a grinning, cheerful goat colourfully reproduced on quality canvas.

Did you know that the process of goats giving birth is called "kidding"? That is hilariously unbelievable right? But that's the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Due to goats' endless energetic zeal, they are often stubborn and mischievous and the goat depicted on this Canvas Cute Goat certainly seems to be up to something. With a child friendly expression on the goat's face, it also has colourful flowers adorning its horns while two butterflies - one of which is pinkish while the other is greenish white. The goat's features are vividly painted using light and dark shades of the colour brown against an ash-white background. It includes detailed representation of the goat including horns, tail, nose and even hooves! It would be perfect for parents, guardians and institutions looking forward to decorate children's rooms and environment. It would help in creating a child-friendly environment in schools. 

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