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HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® is a revolutionary fibre source suitable for all equines. The guaranteed uniform nutritional valuesmake HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® your first choice for fibre. Based on super fibres providing an enhanced level of digestibility, HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL®‘s feeding rates can be reduced by a third in volume when compared to chaff. HYGAIN®FIBRESSENTIAL® also features reduced sugar levels and a balanced Calcium to Phosphorous ratio.
HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® is easy to feed and will provide superior conditioning whilst significantly reducing the dust and inconsistency often associated with traditional forms of chaff.
Crude Protein 10 % Calcium 1%
Crude Fat 2% Phosphorus 0.4 %
Max Crude Fibre 35%

FIBRESSENTIAL®is a blend of the following ingredients:
Beet pulp, Lupin hulls, Soya bean hulls, millrun and Calcium Carbonate.

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