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Kangaroo Prey Mix

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Made from our own Local Great Southern Kangaroo. We process our kangaroo in house – making it so fresh!! We handle the procurement, processing and packaging - can't beat that Quality!

Lean muscle Meat and Crushed Kangaroo Ribs mixed with Kangaroo Organs. Offal mix is 5% Kangaroo Liver and 5% mix of Kangaroo Heart, Kidney, Lung. 

For your raw feeding info you can work on an average for this mix : 
80% Kangaroo Meat 10 % Editable Bone 10% Organs. 

 Low in Fat, Good source of Protein, Iron & omega 3.
 Made from WA Local Ingredients
100% free of Preservatives
 With NO added Colours, Flavours and Fillers

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