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Kelato EnduroWRAP (asst colour)

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EnduroWRAP is a cohesive flexible bandage which can be used on any part of your horses’ body surface. Its elastic soft cotton and non-woven fibres ensure that the product is very soft and therefore very comfortable over the skin.

EnduroWRAP has excellent tensile strength and elasticity. To maintain adequate cleanliness and hygiene, each product is individually wrapped. EnduroWRAP is resistant to sweat and water while it is still breathable which provides added comfort for your horse. Sticky residues no longer cause a problem with quick and easy removal of the product by hand. This reduces the risk of being hurt or kicked during the removal process.

EnduroWRAP is simply wrapped around the desired part of the body. It has excellent cohesive properties and is self-adhering on any skin or fur. This ensures that no clips or fasteners are needed for use. The cotton composition allows the unique characteristic of being easily and evenly torn by hand. Key Features & Benefits: Strong, non-slip bandage for protecting the legs Versatile Easily torn by hand – no scissors required Conforms to difficult areas on any anima Adheres to itself, not hair Lightweight, cool, comfortable, resistant to sweat and water. Individually wrapped for hygiene



Wrap all bandages around the limb in the direction which pulls the flexor tendons towards the inside of the limb – anticlockwise on the near (left) side limbs, clockwise on the off (right) side limbs. Apply EnduroWRAP firmly but allow two fingers to be pushed between the bandage and te tendons or bone at the side of the cannon bone.

Bandages should always be secure whilst on the leg, as loose, slipping or trailing bandages may cause discomfort and frighten the horse, resulting in further injury. All bandages must be removed immediately after work in order to allow the tendons and ligaments to cool down for 5-10 minutes, preferably using Kelato’s convenient CoolWRAP bandage or hosing with cold water.

Sizes & Colours: Each roll is 10cm wide and 4.57m stretched and 2.01m unstretched.

Colours: Yellow, Purple, Lime Green, Light Blue, Aqua & Pink Materials: EnduroWRAP is made from high strength, elastic, soft cotton and non-woven fibres.

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