Maintenance Peck Block

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Allfarm’s Maintenance Peck Block is a mixed cereal block which has maintenance levels of vitamins, trace elements and energy. It’s firm but crumbly texture and delicious muesli smell encourages birds to eat it. Birds are distracted from vices such as feather picking and benefit from a vitamin, trace element and energy boost.
The formulation helps to maintain normal gizzard health, function and performance. Course particles of fibre reduce the chances of sand, long stems and grass blades forming a fibrous ball and help to break up impaction in free range birds..

Supplement birds up to 20 birds with one block. Keep the block in a dry pen area and place in a sided tray of some kind so birds can eat the crumbs that drop and break off. Using blocks frequently may discourage feather picking.


Vitamins A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, K, PP, D panthothenicc Acid, Biotein, Choline, Molasses.
Mineral and trace elements – Zeolite, TEs- Cobalt, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iron.
These blocks are not a nutritional replacement.

Special Notes;

Tough Egg and Maintenance Peck Blocks are not a toy/stimulation product that can be hung like other products on the market for smaller pet birds (budgies etc). Due to the hugely different ingredients in these peck blocks, they can be very crumbly and fall apart easily (hence the inability to hang them for stimulation as a ‘peck toy’). Also, due to the rough handling that is an unfortunate reality of Australian freight carriers, it is not unusual for this item to arrive and turn from the initial block shape (in the packaging) to a bag of crumbled grains and other ingredients. This does not detract from any nutritional value or enjoyment the chickens will have eating it, is it purely a shape difference. As such, refunds will not be given if the product arrives and does not retain it’s original block shape.

These blocks are something that your chickens should peck at but not fully eat in a short period of time. If they do consume the entire product quickly, this is an indicator that their diet/food source is not meeting their needs adequately. Chickens are good at eating a variety of food to consume the variety of vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy lifestyle (assuming they aren’t gorging on human foods that should be given as treats) but if their main food is low quality they will consume this peck block quite quickly.

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