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Naturals Venison

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Tidbits Training Treats from Natures Best offer a delicious range of mouth-watering treats, formulated specifically for training and reinforcing good behaviour in your dog. These treats are safe and rich in calcium, iron and protein and are a great source of fibre. They are a great reward all round, sure to keep your best mate happy, healthy and obedient!

Tidbits Naturals range offers wholesome treats designed to reward your best mate while also benefiting their health. With no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, these delicious morsels are packed with beneficial ingredients. Made in Tasmania, these treats contain delicious, all-natural ingredients with superior health benefits. All the mouthwatering flavours are preserved through slow, natural oven-baking.

  • Wholesome treat for dogs
  • No artificial flavours or colours, and grain-free
  • 100% Australian protein source
  • Flaxseeds for omega-3 to promote healthy skin & coat
  • Contains real carrots, peas and pumpkin
  • Preserved by natural oven baking

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