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Rooster Collar

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  • Quality Material: Made of high-quality nylon and velcro, it is safe and durable.
  • Size: Width: 1in, total length: 11.8in. Color: Black, Light green, Red, Blue.
  • Adjustable size: Hook and loop design, adjustable size. Suit for chicken, duck, goose and other poultry.
  • Rooster Belt: The no-crow rooster collar could not guaranteed to fully stop your rooster crowing. The noise neck belt is designed to significantly reduce the volume and frequency of crowing. Results may vary from rooster to rooster, and are dependent on the person doing the fitting.
  • How to Work: Anti crow rooster collras work by diminishing the force behind roosters' crows. Reserves of air from air sacs (in addition to their lungs) are expelled all at once when they crow. It tends to limit the force of the air and makes the crow quieter.

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