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Sheep Canvas

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The classic looking Canvas Cute Sheep is an added beauty to our children and nursery artwork collection.

This incredibly colourful canvas painting would make a perfect way for customers to introduce their babies into the world of animals. This painting features a smiling, pale-pinked, blushing woolly sheep.

The Canvas Cute Sheep would be perfect to give to mothers as baby shower gifts. This is because decorating babies' rooms with this colourful piece will tend to catch the baby's gaze and attention which might even be the needed cry stifling agent when a baby's gaze is drawn to it. For the purpose of girls especially, it is painted in a pastel pink shade and we have also added floral patterns both on the ear of the sheep and at the four corners of the canvas. Plus a pink butterfly gingerly perched on the back of the sheep so as to make it absolutely appealing to them. There is the possibility that this just might become their favourite room decorative item as girls are generally lovers of pets and pinks. 

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