TES Rope Halter Nose

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We have available our custom braided rope halters handmade by That Equine Stuff WA. Rope halters are a perfect tool in training, offering many benefits making them the halter of choice. A properly fitted rope halter apply's pressure to the nose and poll when a direction is given, and can be immediately released helping improve communication with your horse.

Our custom braided rope halters are sleek and stylish with a wide range of colours and design options to choose from.

Made using Australian manufactured, high quality Double Braid Polyester horse halter rope.

Rope diameter is 6.35mm.

Qualities of the rope include:

  • UV Resistant
  • Colour fast
  • Washable
  • Low Abrasion
  • Soft and Durable
  • Kind to Animals

The custom braided sections incorporate USA manufactured 550 paracord, made with 100% nylon and is mildew resistant.

Paracord diameter is 4mm.

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