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Piggie Canvas

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Made using canvas and pine, the Canvass Cute Piggie is deliberately painted with kids in mind. Kids are often fascinated by certain animals they come across in fables and fairy tales.
This children friendly artistic painting of a pig adds a bit of colourful resplendence to the imagination of children. The picture of a pig, a butterfly and flowers is a good way to arouse their imaginative capacity.

Piglets are often mischievous, energetic and love to have some fun while giving off their popular grunting sound. The piglet portrayed in this enchanting magical world seems to be ready for some mischief! With a gaunt posture and a smiling expression, it is ready to go create some trouble. Pigs have been popularised by certain fairy tales or fables such as George Orwell's' "Animal Farm" which depicts pigs as intelligent animals with a proclivity for self-governance. This canvas painting showcases a pink pig against a white background. At the edges of the canvas corners are beautiful flowers in shades of red, green, light and pink. This same flower is drawn as being on the pig's head. On the snout of the pig is a pink feathered blue bellied butterfly. The image of the pig is perfectly rendered with all the features of an actual pig.

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